This blog will focus on the concept of Knowledges Exchange. Although I began it in June of 2007, I have spent the past few years thinking about it, gathering resources, and trying to decide how to present it.  Rather than waste any more time, I’m just going to steal the old Nike slogan and “Just Do It”. I welcome your comments.


One Response to “An invitation…”

  1. Eric Kristensen Says:

    Great ideas to be working with, Liz. I’m visiting this web site for the first time, and having a blast reading through some of these posts.

    I’m fascinated with thinking about the knowledges that, say, a plumber might have vs. that of a theologian. There will be points of intersection, and some of them may be deep. Yet the idea of confronting those knowledges in depth might be frightening for both. 😉

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