I am pleased that Kwantlen invited me to follow up my presentation at their one-day conference by publishing a paper in their online journal. The presentation itself was unusually well attended, and I  think I managed to raise a few eyebrows. Alice McPherson is the heart and spirit behind the journal editorial team, and I appreciate her willingness to give voice to non-conformist ideologies.

I don’t consider the paper to be truly scholarly. I have called it an essay, because it is a personal piece written for a public audience. It expresses quite well my current views. I would like to get feedback, so it will be interesting to see if anyone responds. The essay is entitled Knowledges Exchange as a Framework for a Transformational Education System, and is attached here. It can also be seen online, along with other articles, at the website of the Transformative Dialogues journal. It’s  my hope that publishing my work will help me to develop the framework a little further.