Kwantlen University College in British Columbia is hosting a Symposium this month entitledForging Our Own Path: Dialogues on Teaching and Learning  and I’ve been invited to facilitate a session on “Knowledges Exchange as a Framework for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning”.

I’m looking forward to the exchanges with the Kwantlen faculty and staff, and other attendees. The challenge for me is to be open to those exchanges. If I’m to be true to what I believe in, I must resist going to the session with a PowerPoint presentation all prepared and a lecture rehearsed.  What, no PowerPoint? It always brings a laugh.

I’ve made presentations on the topic a few times now. For example, I’ve already mentioned my participation in the STLHE and ISSOTL Conferences. I always appreciate the thoughtful expressions that cross people’s faces when I raise the notion of knowledges in the plural. I’ll use this blog to report on how my suggestions are received in Kwantlen.