In spite of my good intentions, I wasn’t able to find the time or access to post messages to this blog while I was travelling in what we in the northern hemisphere call “down under”.  My trip included visits to Hawaii, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand.  It was a wonderful trip and my heart and mind are full. So many images, so many ideas, so many breathtaking vistas, so many unexpected encounters and fruitful exchanges.

I brought back with me a map which is now on my office wall. It is the Kiwi “Upside Down” map of the world, showing New Zealand top and centre, and the rest of the world’s countries displayed underneath. This will be a permanent reminder that there is always at least one other point of view, and that I should always look for it.

Now that I’m back in Vancouver, I can resume my discussion of the concept of Knowledges Exchange, and I want to focus particularly on the literature that I find relevant to the framework I’m suggesting.  Onward