It is very difficult to put forward a new paradigm of education in a world which has been operating under an established paradigm for hundreds of years. Whenever I suggest to people (and believe me I suggest it daily at every opportunity) I see a little light bulb go on. Most thinking people recognize immediately that knowledges in the plural makes good sense.  In this world of so-called globalization, of travel and of cultural awareness, it is obvious that referring to one knowledge is not only unenlightened but incorrect. This blog will bring references to authorities as well as day-to-day wisdom to support this position.

However, even after people agree that knowledges should be used (and spelled) in the plural, there are very few people who will change their frame of reference. The chance of them changing their spelling is even more remote! It reminds me of my reluctance to leave the “o” out of colour, or pronounce Zed as Zee.  What do I mean reluctance? I’m just not going to change thos things, no matter what:-)

So if it’s difficult to gain acceptance for one concept and its related useage, imagine how difficult it is to get support for the proposition that knowledges should be exchanged. Our whole society is built around credentialism. Perelman has a lot to say about that.  Perhaps he  had as much difficulty getting his ideas across as I?