The second principle of the draft framework I’m considering is:

  • Knowledges Exchange is an alternative approach to the Industrial Age model of teaching and learning.

What do I mean by Industrial Age model?  I refer, of course, to the mass education system that was introduced in the west around the 18th century, to teach workers what they needed to know to run machinery in factories. The called it the “Three Rs” – reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.  

Schools were like those factories they were built to serve.  “Pupils” moved through the mostly rote lessons they were supposed to learn. They were like objects on a conveyor belt, and if they failed to keep up they were discarded into a heap of defective products. Pink Floyd has a lovely depiction of it in the video of The Wall. 

Even though the Industrial Age is supposed to be behind us, I’ll argue that the Three Rs are still the pillars of our school system in the year 2007.  I’ll say more about this model as the blog evolves. And I’ll add many references by leading authorities on education who agree with me that this is an outdated model that desperately needs to be replaced.

What’s the alternative? Well…Knowledges Exchange, of course.