In the early posts in this blog, I gave some examples of environments in which knowledges could be more easily exchanged. I described the Open Space activities and argued that a recent session at Simon Fraser was a good example of Knowledges Exchange (KE).

However, it’s important for me to work on developing a conceptual framework for KE, rather than simply providing examples of KE in action. Unless I can present a theoretical model, it’s unlikely that I will be able to gain support for adopting KE as a new educational paradigm. My goal is show that individual learners and society as a whole will benefit by a system which is not based on students demonstrating that they are successful products of the existing factory school system. Instead, I will seek to demonstrate that processes and procedures which emphasise collaboration, and reward learners who can facilitate exchanges.

In a new page on this blog homepage I have listed four principles of the draft model:

Let the games begin!