The Open Space exchanges  I spoke of in my last entry actually lasted 24 hours. We started at 3 pm on Tuesday, June 5th and the space was closed by 3pm on Wednesday, June 6th. The actual Open Space was convened on Wednesday morning, and followed the approach advocated by Harrison Owen. Issues were identified, groups formed and re-formed and the walls gradually filled with flip chart paper.

The focus of the intense conversations was Radical Teaching. Many will assume that radical means revolutionary, but the first definition in the Oxford English Dictionary is basic and fundamental. Our discussions focused on the essence of teaching, and all the issues that affect it.

On that second day, too, the Open Space proved ideal for knowledges exchange. Although there was considerable anxiety over the fact that an Open Space begins with no agenda, and the participants must create the agenda for themselves, the ideas soon started flowing, and the topics they identified were diverse and thought-provoking. As this blog continues, I would like to connect theory with the practice of knowledges exchange, in situations such as the Open Space. For those who are curious, here are two more links on Open Space, or Open Space Technology, as it was originally named:


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